Support the Pastor in the primary purpose of the church, to spread the Gospel and to seek and serve the lost
DRAMA MINISTRY – prayer, praise, and worship through dramatic performance
GIRLS & YOUNG LADIES MENTORING PROGRAM – provide girls and young ladies the companionship of a caring adult female church leader who will serve as a role model for good Christ-like behavior and to provide them with developmental and/or emotional support: MINISTRY NAME: Daughters of Vision Embracing Sisterhood (DOVES)
WOMEN MINISTRY – support women’s needs and teach them how to serve others, care for themselves and their families. The women’s ministry coordinates and leads events specifically for the development of women living a Christ-like lifestyle. MINISTRY NAME: Ladies of Vision (LOV)


YOUTH /STUDENT MINISTRY – teach, train and lead children and young adults in developing a Christian lifestyle: MINISTRY NAME: ILLUMIN8


Associate Pastor John Cochran