Training & Christian Development

The overall purpose of the Training and Christian Development ministry is to provide, develop and promote programs that equip and empower individuals for discipleship (Matthew 28: 19-20). The Training and Christian Development ministry is comprised of 7 sub-ministries that individually and collectively have a four prong focus of spirituality, service, outreach, and education. Biblical teaching and learning are the essential elements of the Training and Christian Development ministry. Through active participation in classes, seminars, and programs, individuals acquire the tools and skills needed to lead others to Christ and to allow them to grow spiritually in a community of believers.
COUNSELING & COACHING – assist and guide individual families in addressing personal, social, or other problems and difficulties; and help people in major transitions to move forward
MARRIAGE MINISTRY – help couples understand the complex nature of marriage and provide guidance to make lasting marriages successful through teaching, fellowship, social gatherings and service
MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY – evangelize through fellowship and ride together
Ministry Name: Vision Riders
OUTREACH, EVANGELISM  & KINGDOM MARKETPLACE INITIATIVES – provide spiritual support to those within the church body, schools, incarcerated individuals, homeless, needy, and elderly 
Ministry Name: Blessed to Be A Blessing (B3)
Sub-Ministries: First Touch, God Squad, and Jessie L. Perkins
PRISON MINISTRY – provide spiritual needs for those incarcerated
SECURITY – protect the church body by implementing safety policies and emergency management to ensure compliance 
Ministry Name: Gatekeepers
SOCIAL MEDIA – NVCC Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
Ministry Name: NVCC Social Media Ministry
Associate Pastor Michael Liggins