Church Departments and Ministries

Support the body of Christ in working together while making efficient use of resources to successfully achieve the mission and vision of the church
BOOKSTORE – stock, sell and inventory products
CLERICAL/ADMIN SUPPORT SERVICES – performs routine clerical and organizational tasks: sort mail, organize files, file records, draft correspondence, answer telephones and relay messages, manage church calendar, restock supplies, enter data in a computer, provide support and perform other duties as needed
FINANCE – offerings, donations, budget preparation, contract guidance, funds procurement and spending
HELPS/CAA PARKING – clean and maintain facility, assist visitors and secure parking lot
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – maintenance of computer base hardware/software systems
DIGITAL MEDIA “SOUND” – digital and imagery, video and audio; websites, web-base applications, social media and more
MARKETING – develop thorough marketing plans to target specific audiences to support various events
PHOTOGRAPHY –  capture moments for church history, publications or advertisements
PRINT MEDIA/GRAPHIC DESIGN – design/create or print materials such as brochures, certificates, flyers, posters, forms, special event programs, newsletters, bulletin board, presentations, calendars and more  
SOFTWARE SUPPORT – Servant Keeper, Microsoft Office Suite, Frieze Consultation, Graphic Design Programs
Support the Pastor in the primary purpose of the church, to spread the Gospel and to seek and serve the lost
CLERGY – oversee ordained leadership of the church
USHER BOARD – greet & seat guests; accommodate congregational needs and special services
INTERCESSORY PRAYER – 24/7 prayer as requested
LITURGICAL DANCE – spiritual worship through dance
MUSIC – adult choir and musicians
Support the congregation and serve in the development of the members and community for Kingdom living
YOUTH MINISTRY – teach, train and lead children in developing a Christian lifestyle
MEN’S MINISTRY – serve men and teach them how to serve others, care for themselves and their families; coordinate and lead events specifically for men and help men develop a Christ-like lifestyle: service projects, gathering events, retreats, special bible studies and more
BOYS & YOUNG MEN MENTORING PROGRAM – Provide boys and young men the companionship of a caring adult male church leader who will serve as a role model for Christ-like behavior to provide them with developmental and/or emotional support   
WOMEN’S MINISTRY – support women’s needs and teach them how to serve others, care for themselves and their families. The women’s ministry coordinates and leads events specifically for the development of women living a Christ-like lifestyle.
GIRLS & YOUNG LADIES MENTORING PROGRAM – provide girls and young ladies the companionship of a caring adult female church leader who will serve as a role model for good Christ-like behavior and to provide them with developmental and/or emotional support
MARRIAGE MINISTRY – help couples understand the complex nature of marriage and provide guidance to make lasting marriages successful through teaching, fellowship, social gatherings and service
SENIOR ADULTS MINISTRY – impart spiritual and social support to older adults
DRAMA MINISTRY – prayer, praise, and worship through dramatic performance
COUNSELING & COACHING – assist and guide individual families in addressing personal, social, or other problems and difficulties; and help people in major transitions to move forward
Training & Christian Development
OUTREACH, EVANGELISM & KINGDOM MARKETPLACE INITIATIVES – provide spiritual support to those within the church body, schools, incarcerated individuals, homeless, needy, and elderly
SECURITY – protect the church body by implementing safety policies and emergency management to ensure compliance
MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY – evangelize through fellowship and ride together