Support the body of Christ in working together while making efficient use of resources to successfully achieve the mission and vision of the church.
  • BOOKSTORE – stock, sell and inventory products.
  • CLERICAL/ADMIN SUPPORT SERVICES – performs routine clerical and             organizational tasks: sort mail, organize files, file records, draft                               correspondence, answer telephones and relay messages, manage church             calendar, restock supplies, enter data in a computer, support other staff and           more.
  • FINANCE – offerings, donations, budget preparation, contract guidance, funds     procurement and spending.
  • HELPS and PARKING – clean and maintain facility, assist visitors and                    secure parking lot. 
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – maintenance of computer base                         hardware/software systems.
  • INTERACTIVE/DIGITAL MEDIA “SOUND” – digital: imagery, video and audio;     websites, web-base applications, social media and more.
  • MARKETING – use time and resources to develop thorough marketing plans         to target specific audience to support various events.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – capture moments for church history, publications or                 advertisements.
  • PRINT MEDIA (GRAPHIC DESIGN) – design/create and print paper                     publications or printed materials such as brochures, certificates, flyers, posters,     forms, special event programs, newsletters, bulletin board, presentations,              calendars and more.  
  • SOFTWARE SUPPORT – Servant Keeper, Microsoft Office Suite, Frieze               Consultation, Graphic Design Programs.
Executive Director Yeudele Allen